Tag: Lan'repus


  • Jarrod Ironfist

    Wealthy land owner and rancher of sheep in the sleepy coastal town of Lan'repus. Outcast member of the Ironfist clan, Jarrod was sent away after losing a bet and having to shave off his beard. Jarrod is generally like by all in spite of being the only …

  • Henchick

    A mysterious priest that lives on the outskirts of Lan'repus, Henchick holds a dark secret vault of undead friends and family that he protects. Henchick avoids the limelight by staying dirty and seeming to be crazy. Seeing the potential in a local boy, …

  • Shem

    A simple-minded local boy who was orphaned at a very young age and as a result works at the local inn in order to earn his bed and food. Shem is fiercely loyal and has near boundless love for his friends. Not exactly fearless, Shem exhibits a bravery …

  • Mayor Thorin

    Mayor of Lan'repus. Thorin is a figurehead that presides over town meetings and festivals. He is resentful that most of the real power is wielded by Jarrod. He holds dark secrets and is distrustful of outsiders.