Mirna Dendrar

Defiant and frightened woodworker


Mirna, along with her 13-year old boy Nars and 18-year old girl Nilsa, have been imprisoned and tortured for the last day. Mirna spoke up against the extortionist Redbrands a couple of days ago and as a result they killed her husband, Thel and beat her savagely. They later came back and kidnapped all three of them with the intent of selling them into slavery. They don’t know much other than that the boss is a wizard and that he has tall, furry monsters with big ears working for him.


Though she has no reward, she does know where a valuable relic is hidden. When Mirna was a young girl, she lived with her alchemist parents in a town called Thundertree (north of Philandrin and east of Shuttleton). They had to flee then because the undead overran the town, but they left behind an emerald necklace under some shelves in the old shop in the southeast of the town.

Mirna Dendrar

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